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How to Develop Content Strategy for Start-ups

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Half of the world is doing business and a the other half is thinking about setting one up. Understanding what content marketing for startups really is will give you a boost in promoting your brand.

Promotion is Key to Marketing Your Start up

If you are new to the business establishment, or just launched your startup, promotion is key. You might choose social media because it’s the easiest way to get attention and gain traffic. However, it isn’t as simple as you think. How many followers do you think you will have on your first days?

Additionally, posts on social media go by very quickly in the user’s stream.

When was the last time you spent significant time reading about a service or product on Social Media?

Social Media versus Content Marketing

It’s time for you to pay attention to content marketing. High-quality publications are the oldest and the most effective way to attract and keep your target audience. These tips below will help you develop the right content marketing campaign for your startup business. By doing this, you can be an authority in your industry.


If you’ve never done content marketing before, there are several things that might confused you.

  • What type of content should I write to fit my business?
  • How long should it be?
  • What topics will attract the majority audience?
  • Are keywords important or should I just focus on quality writing?

Now you can see, content marketing isn’t simple at all, especially when you are new to it. By following these 5 tips, you can develop your high quality content marketing strategy.

Tips for developing the right content marketing campaign for a startup

1. Start with a strategy

People’s brains are designed to pay attention to self-interest. We tend to be attracted by topics related to our own problems. This is the point. Our job is to clearly understand our audience’s problems, their behavior and their preference. This can help your content make noise in the virtual world of your target audience.


There are several approaches to the content marketing strategy.


  1. Content marketing strategy means no strategy at all.
    You can write whatever you want to write. It keeps you flexible and motivated. You don’t need to be forced to write something when you aren’t ready. However, the issue with this strategy is that it doesn’t prioritize the audience’s feelings or problems. The writers and audience aren’t in “tune”. They won’t stay with your site because they don’t find benefit to your content.


  1. Learn about the competitors.
    You want to be unique. You want your audience to look at you in a different way. It isn’t right in some cases. By studying the competitors, you can find out what they are writing about to attract their audience attention. Not all competitor content are good sources to learn from. Just focus on important and relevant topics. Then we can provide better content after finding the article’s strengths, improving their weakness, and making our post as unique and valuable as possible.


  1. Concentrate on a customer segment and write for them.

Your content marketing strategy can’t be for everyone. By having a specific type of audience to write for, your writing topics will be unified. It helps you understand exactly what your potential buyers want to get. Focusing on a target audience helps you write consistent throughout the content in different stages of the buyer’s journey.

The best content marketing strategy combines all of the above, along with new and frequent postings to keep your website as fresh as possible.

 2. Filtering for keyword gold

Keywords are a tool for the audience to find solutions to their problems. That is the reason why your content has to be written about high search volume keywords. Although it’s good to focus on high search volume keywords because you can get the attention of the majority easily, writing for keywords with medium search volume with less competition is often a better idea.

In reality, the keywords you want to target will depend on the strength of your domain and your existing ranking in related topics.

Once you determine your highest opportunity keywords….
If your content is good enough, it will find its way to the first page of search engine results in short time.

Your Google ranking is based in part on the keyword focus of your article. However, Google will also make an adjustment for the quality of your content. If these two elements don’t match together, it results in low ranking in search engine and make your content hard to discover . However, when your keywords fit with the content, it will answer the right questions for the audience. The readers will trust your site more and return to your site next time.

There are some popular tools used to simplify your keyword planning. Google’s Keyword Planner and Ahrefs Content Explorer are most effective helpers. Our Handmade SEO team takes pains to find the most effective keyword to fit every category for your business.

3. Tell a story

Many business owners try to provide the customer with “solutions”, but only successful businessmen understand that their target audience is attracted by the benefits they can get from the product. So how can you talk to your audience about the “benefits” of your product? Storytelling is a way that can’t miss. It helps develop a recognizable brand.

Now, you might wonder “how can I tell an effective story?”. When telling a story, remember to find your own voice and keep it consistent throughout the content. Start the story by explaining why you started the brand, how you developed the product or service, and why you stand behind it. The story will help you engage the audience on an emotional level, as they will see the goals behind the solutions you’ve developed.

After covering these steps above, you should share the experience with your users. Asking influencers to talk about the way they used your solutions can make your story and your brand go further.

The Handmade SEO team understands the importance of telling your story because we were a startup too. Handmade SEO also provides writers who can deliver the personal touch.

4. Choose the most effective medium

There are a lot of methods to promoting your business and having a focused approach in promoting helps you know exactly what your brand needs. Many companies make the mistake of spreading their marketing efforts across too many media channels. This leads to losing focus on the field that works best for your company.

So, what is the most suitable channel for my style? That’s the right question to be asking . The answer depends on you. It means that you have to do research, analyze all these platforms and note down your impressions about them – what’s good and what’s not good enough. Then pick the ones that inspire great engagement among your target audience. Two platforms are enough for now.

Remember that each platform uses a separate approach to content writing and marketing. For example, Pinterest is more visual but podcast is preferred for storytelling. So choosing the most suitable and effective medium isn’t an easy process. With Handmade team, we cover all of these concerns to bring you the results your content promotion needs to deliver.

5. Use the right tools for content writing

It doesn’t matter if you have a good content promotion but low quality content. Quality is the determinant of content marketing. Without it, your content does not convey any value.

Readability-Score, Feedly, Assignment Masters and Evernote are most popular tools to keep your content’s quality consistent.

Handmade SEO uses the right tools to analyze so that the content is written and marketed in the most effective manner.

Promoting start-ups does not have to be difficult if you understand all the factors involve: choosing effective tools to create the best content strategy, selecting a suitable and interesting content marketing campaign…


Having an outsource for your content marketing strategy might save you time and energy for investing more efforts in expanding your new business.

If you have any questions, please contact us to chat about anything we can help you with in making this process as easy and smooth sailing as possible. Or get started now with our Free Digital Marketing Assessment!

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