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Why Your Law Firm Needs Great Website Content

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Why Your Law Firm Needs Great Website Content | Handmade SEO
Why Your Law Firm Needs Great Website Content | Handmade SEO

Traditionally, a law firm would use their website content to explain their field of expertise and tout their attorneys’ impressive credentials.

While there is nothing wrong with this approach, the times are changing, and your clients expect more from your website content. They want answers, in addition to credentials.

They want to know your law firm can actually handle their case, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Your Law Firm Needs Great Website Content

Most clients do not care about your credentials enough to spend hours perusing them on your website.

Instead, they want to find content that solves their problem. Your “resume” is secondary.

If you can show (not tell!) your prospect that you have a deep understanding of the issues they are facing, they will be much more likely to choose you over your competitors.

For example, if your law firm’s focus is immigration law, your typical prospect won’t care where you interned after your first year of law school.

They will care about whether or not you can answer their questions.

They will also care if you have successfully handled similar cases before.

And, in the end, they will choose the law firm which can make the process as painless as possible while achieving the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time.

If you can convey these things in your content, you are going to be light years ahead of law firms who simply state their credentials and wait for clients to come to them.

How Website Content Helps Your Law Firm Increase Revenue

Your content will be the first thing that pops up in search results when a potential client types their questions into Google.

Google loves fresh, high-quality content: the more useful content you publish, the higher your law firm’s website will rank!

And, when your prospects read that in-depth blog post you wrote, or watch that video you created, they are going to feel like they can trust you with their case (and their money).

And voilà! Your law firm just got a new client.

Plus, great website content is a gift that keeps on giving.

When your content starts showing up in search results, you will get a steady stream of traffic coming your way every single day. No more expensive advertising required!

How HandmadeSEO Can Help

Here at Handmade SEO, we don’t just grow traffic.

We create a content marketing strategy that answers the questions your prospects are already asking and positions you as an authority figure in your industry (and a natural choice for potential clients who just stumbled upon your website).

Want to see how we can work together?

Get in touch.

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