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5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Have a Good Website

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Have you ever wondered if it’s really worth hiring a team of experts to improve your business website? How important is having a good website, anyway?

The short answer? Very important.

While it’s possible to run a successful online business using only social media, having a good website makes it that much easier to reach your target audience and grow your business.

why is it important to have a good website | Handmade SEO
5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Have a Good Website | Handmade SEO

What Is a Website?

A website is a set of web pages located under a single domain name.

A good business website will usually have the following pages:

  • An “About Us” page, a page talking about your company’s services,
  • A “Contact Us” page, a page with your contact information.

Your website is very important because it is your company’s online home.

It is a digital reflection of your business and is often going to be the first place potential customers come in contact with your brand.

If your current company webpage is looking a little outdated or doesn’t function properly, it might be time for an update!

5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Have a Good Website

1. Your customers are online.

Even if you run a brick-and-mortar business, having a good website is important because most of your customers are online.

  • 96% of Americans shop online.
  • 81% of shoppers will conduct online research before buying a product, whether or not they intend to buy it in-store or online.

Without a good web presence, you are less likely to convince these customers to choose you.

Keep in mind that a website is no longer just a “cherry on top,” even if you run a brick-and-mortar store.

60% of consumers expect businesses to provide online content through at least some type of online property. And more than half (52%) head straight to the business’s website to find product information.

Customers expect you to have a great web presence, no matter what type of business you have.

If your business does not have a website (or if it does not show up in search results), you are missing out on a huge amount of potential revenue.

2. Enhanced credibility.

Your website is the online version of a storefront.

Think about it: how likely would you be to stick around a store that looks run-down or straight up sketchy?

Having a professional, well-designed webpage with lots of high-quality content will help you enhance your company’s credibility and convert more visitors into paying customers.

On the other hand, having a bad site will drive potential customers away.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of reasons that can happen, including bad design, low-quality content, or even small technical details like slow page speed.

For example, if your company’s website takes just 1 second too long to load, many potential customers will leave it without checking out your products or services.

That’s how Amazon lost 1.6 billion dollars in revenue.

3. Global presence.

When you have a great webpage, you can reach potential customers anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if they are located a couple of miles from you, or on the other side of the world.

If they type in your target keywords, and your website pops up, you just gained access to a potential customer!

Even as a brick-and-mortar business, the global presence a website gives you is invaluable.

For example, if someone is coming to visit your city, and types “best coffee in Portland” into Google, a good, SEO-optimized website can help you make sure they visit your store when they are in town.

4. 24/7 Exposure.

You can think of your website as a salesperson who is always at work.

With the right content and tools, your website could guide a customer through the buyer’s journey while you sleep.

All you have to do is set it up once, and you are good to go!

5. Cost-effectiveness.

A website is the most effective digital marketing channel for small and medium-sized business, largely because of the return on investment you get from it.

You can use a free website building tool to get started and have your website up and running in less than 30 minutes.

A website will give you instant access to thousands of potential customers, and you can easily scale your investment upwards as you see the revenue coming in.

And, if you build a good website, and use content marketing to promote it, the revenue will come.

Research has shown that websites with great content bring in 3x the amount of leads than traditional advertising does (while costing you 62% less)!

Final Thoughts

How good is your website at attracting potential customers and turning them into buyers?

If you’d like to find out how you can improve your website’s effectiveness while saving money on your marketing efforts, check out our free Digital Marketing Assessment.

It will help you discover which aspects of your website could be optimized to improve traffic and conversions, as well as give you tips and tricks for making your website stand out amongst your competition.


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