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In-house Marketing Team vs Agency: Which One Is for You?

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In-house Marketing Team vs Agency: Which to Choose? | Handmade SEO
In-house Marketing Team vs Agency: Which to Choose? | Handmade SEO

If you are focused on growing your business, you will have to face a choice: build an in-house marketing team or hire a marketing agency?

On one hand, an in-house marketing team works exclusively for your company (and usually on its premises). On the other hand, a marketing agency is a team of experts for hire who can work from anywhere in the world.

So which one’s for you? Keep reading to find out!


In-House Marketing Team Advantages

1. Skillset

Every in-house marketing team employee is paid to live and breathe your brand. They easily acquire brand-specific knowledge and skills.

They also have a deep understanding of your competitors – without the conflict of interest issues that can occur when working with marketing agencies.

2. Process

Each member of the team is vetted by you and is always there to put your business first.

When the marketing team is in-house, it is easy to set up a quick meeting whenever you want.

Since your company comes first, it is also easy to push urgent, high-priority tasks to the top quickly.

3. Cost

If you are willing to dedicate the resources to it, you can build an in-house team of specialized marketing experts.

However, be warned – it’s going to cost you. The world of marketing is a fast-changing one, so you will need to invest a lot of resources in training even after you have built a strong in-house team.

Marketing Agency Advantages

1. Skillset

With a marketing agency, you can quickly and easily have access to a whole team of experts who are the best at what they do.

Since marketing agencies usually work with many different clients across industries, they are more likely to think of creative solutions, bring in fresh ideas, and generally have more access to information outside of your company.

2. Process

A good marketing agency will have an established process for handling projects smoothly and speedily.

This is something that may take your in-house team years to develop!

3. Cost

A marketing agency is going to cost you a lot less than an in-house team.

Not only is the price negotiable, but – a marketing agency usually brings in its own set of tools and resources that help cut costs on your end.

In-house Marketing Team vs Agency: Which One Is for You?

If you can afford to hire multiple experts to cover each aspect of your marketing, an in-house team could be a great option.

Keep in mind that it isn’t going to take just money – it will also take time.

A marketing agency brings established processes and tools to you from day one.

Therefore, if you are looking to get your marketing off the ground quickly and efficiently, hiring a marketing agency is your best bet.

Plus, a combination of the two is always an option! You can start building a small in-house team while working with an agency.


How Handmade SEO Can Help

Making a decision between in-house and agency can be tough.

Here at Handmade SEO, we aim to make that decision as easy as possible.

We create and execute complete content marketing strategies that let you rest easy knowing every aspect of your marketing is taken care of.

Want to see how we can work together?

Check out our process here.

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