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5 Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Events

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5 Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Events | Handmade SEO

Does content marketing for events really work?

The short answer: yes, it does.

However, it is not going to be as simple as writing up a few blog posts about your event and waiting for RSVPs to roll in.

To make content marketing work for your event, you have to know how to deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time. Here’s how you can get started!

What is Content Marketing for Events?

Content marketing for events is not too different from regular content marketing.

It’s all about producing and sharing high-quality content (blog posts, videos, etc.) to promote a specific event, like a conference or a workshop, to a specific audience.

However, this type of content marketing is typically more reliant on social media, especially if you do not have a blog with an established audience or a large email list.

5 Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Events

1. Get started early.

Creating a blog just a few weeks before your event won’t cut it.

You should integrate your event strategy with an overall content marketing strategy.

Take your time to build up a blog before expecting it to work miracles!

2. Research your target audience.

You can’t create great content without understanding your audience.

Who are your potential attendees? For example, how old are they? Where do they live? What are they interested in?

By having this information on hand you will ensure that the content ideas you come up with truly resonate with your audience.

3. Publish valuable, non-generic content.

You may think that publishing an event program makes for a good blog post, but that’s not necessarily the case.

You should find ways to put a unique spin on the same generic content people see everywhere.

For example, if you are doing a speaker profile, how can you make it more interesting?

How can you add a unique twist that grabs the audience’s attention and makes them excited for your event?

4. Create an editorial calendar.

In addition to getting started early, you should have a clear plan for how and when you are going to publish and promote each piece of content – otherwise known as an editorial calendar.

Make sure that each piece of content you publish has a purpose behind it and is synced up with your overall marketing strategy.

5. Avoid common content marketing mistakes.

Some things will inevitably sink your whole content marketing plan – like using black-hat SEO techniques to get your blog ranked higher more quickly.

Before you get started with content creation, check out some of the common content marketing mistakes here and do your best to avoid them.

If you are unsure about how to effectively promote your events using content marketing, consider hiring content marketing and SEO experts to help you out!

That will ensure you don’t commit any content marketing blunders. Plus, ensure that youhave a fully booked event weeks or even months before the actual event date.

How Handmade SEO Can Help

Content marketing can be a great strategy for promoting your event, but you have to invest a fair amount of time and effort into it if you want it to succeed.

Don’t have time to do it all on your own? We’d be happy to help you out!

Want to see how we can work together?

Check out our process here.

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