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How to Use Content Marketing to Effectively Target Your Audience

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How to Use Content Marketing to Target Your Audience | Handmade SEO

Content marketing is one of the best, most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience and convert them into paying customers.

In this article, we will show you why, as well as share some tips for how you can get started creating content that appeals to your target audience!


Why Content Marketing Is an Effective Way to Target Your Audience

Creating specific, targeted content attracts qualified leads to your business and turns you into a trusted authority in your target audience’s eyes.

Instead of throwing out a wide net and trying to appeal to everyone who might be interested in your products, you are creating content that solves specific problems for specific people.

When these people find your content they will be much more likely to engage with it than people who stumbled upon your site from a paid ad.

They already need what you are selling, and, if you can show them you know your stuff through great content, they will be very likely to trust you. They also turn to you when making their purchasing decisions.


How to Use Content Marketing to Effectively Target Your Audience


1. Create in-depth buyer personas

Before you can create content that appeals to your target audience, you have to get very clear on who that audience is.

Make sure your buyer personas cover demographic factors like gender, income level, and job function. Also, the main pain points and challenges your audience is facing.


2. Add a niche-specific spin to basic content

Really want to create a piece of content about something that’s been done a thousand times?

Find a way to connect it to a small sub-niche within your target audience.

It is a great way to get the attention of specific segments of your target audience and appeal to them on a more personal level.


3. Use long-tail keywords to create cornerstone content for a less popular audience

If you create content for an audience that doesn’t normally get a lot of it, your content will have a chance to become the cornerstone content of that sub-niche. Even if there is a high-ranking, more general article on your topic already out there.

Doing some long-tail keyword research can help you identify potential content gaps and opportunities like this.


4. Reach out to influencers to promote your content

To effectively target your audience with content, that audience has to see that content first.

Research your industry thought leaders and consider reaching out to them with a specific piece of content. They might find useful and share-worthy.

Larger news sites may also be interested in hearing about a niche topic if it’s interesting enough. Thus, don’t limit your search to niche blogs only.


How Handmade SEO Can Help

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective way to connect with your target audience and turn them into paying customers.

Here at Handmade SEO, we create and execute content marketing strategies that help you become your audience’s most trusted source of information – and the first business they think of when they are looking to buy a product.

Want to see how we can work together?

Check out our process here.

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