Elizabeth Suárez

Elizabeth Suárez is a noted speaker, author, and coach in negotiation. She has trained a lot of professionals to close deals and get better outcomes.

Elizabeth Twitter: https://twitter.com/elizabethsuarez

Negotiation Unleashed: https://www.negotiationunleashed.com/

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It is such a great opportunity for us to talk with Elizabeth Suarez. The following videos will let you know more about her.

Part 1: About Your Coaching

In this video Elizabeth covers:

– What she loves most about coaching
– How she helps her clients to reach their goals
– Her downloadable eBook and how she works with clients

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Part 2: About Your Best Source of Leads or Clients

This is the second part of the interview. Learn about:
– Her best source of leads
– How to connect with other people easily
– Common mistakes people make when they network on social media

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Part 3: Why Did You Start Coaching?

This is the third part of the interview. In this video, learn about:
– Her decision to become a coach.
– Three disadvantages of women.

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Part 4: About Your Favorite Courses and Self-Education

This is the final part of the interview. Learn about:
– Courses to help you become a better coach
– Recommended reading list
– Self-education journey

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