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Interview with Coaches: Dana Baker

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Dana Baker

Dana Baker-Williams is a teen and parent coach as well as a parent “expert” writer for magazines and websites in the US with an outstanding background in psychology. She has plenty of qualifications, including:
– Parent Coach
– Speaker at G3 Mother/Daughter Conference
– CTI Co-Active Coaching
– Certified Domestic Violence Advocate
– Certified Teen Suicide Prevention Advocate
– Facilitator Training
– etc.

Dana Baker information:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Danaparenting
Website: https://www.parentinginreallife.org/

Dana Baker Coaching Success Stories

HandmadeSEO had a great chance to connect and talk to Dana about her coaching journey.

We talked about:
– What she loves about coaching
– Her best source of finding clients
– What she did to improve her coaching skill
– Her challenges of becoming a coach and how she overcame them
– Her achievements

Let’s hear Dana share her ideas and her stories.

Interview with Coaches: Dana Baker

Are you interested in talking to Dana Baker?
Book a meeting with her here.

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