Digital Channel Growth Assessment

Why is an assessment important?

You have a limited marketing budget and you want to make the most of it.

Don’t jeopardize the growth of your business by allocating your dollars in the wrong places.

This assessment will help you clarify your organic channel:

  1. How is your site performing now?
  2. How does the organic channel compare to your other digital channels?
  3. Can SEO help you reach your business growth goals? What’s realistic?

Who is the report for?

Business owners, CMOs, and heads of digital who want to grow their business but are not clear on how their website / organic traffic can support their goals.

We conduct reports and consultations for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

What does the report cover?

  1. A overview of your products / services from the perspective of a new site visitor
  2. Review of your website analytics for insights
  3. Competitor evaluation
  4. Keyword assessment – which keywords you are ranking for now and which can be improved quickly
  5. A review of your growth goals for the next 6-12 months

About the consultation:

The consultation will be 50 min long.

I will provide you with a written report summarizing my findings and specific actions to take.

If I am confident I can help you grow your business I will provide you with an option to hire me to execute the next steps.

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Start your assessment now

To apply for your digital marketing assessment please submit your contact information.

We will reach out to you with instructions within 24 hours.

Please include a link to your website in your submission.

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