Driving Leads & Sales

Building a content driven sales funnel isn’t right for every business. We work with marketers that want to grow sustainably and dominate their online niche. Our goal is to make our clients the online authority in their industry.

Building An Organic Sales Funnel

Does your inbound marketing strategy get stronger with time?

Understand Customers: The Product Brief | Handmade SEO

Product Focus + Customer Segment

Before anything else we make sure we understand your product/service and customer segments. The better we can understand your business, the quicker we can find ways to reach your target audience. Through our own research and your input for refinement, we develop a product brief that sets our focus for all other actions.

Competitor Drill Down

We want to know your competitor’s inside and out. What are they doing that’s working well? What is their strategy? How can we perform better than them?

Keyword Targeting

Your customers have a problem. You have the solution. We want to connect their searches to your solutions. Keyword research is an essential piece of the SEO and content marketing funnel. We take it seriously and incorporate as much data as is available to us.

The Buyer’s Journey

From awareness to interest to action, we define your customer’s buyer journey as it relates to your target keywords and site content. The resulting roadmap is your guide to becoming an authority in your industry and it’s the blueprint for your content funnel.

Buyer's Journey | Handmade SEO

Production + Promotion

Production – Engaging content will continue to perform and add value to your site.

Promotion – It’s not enough to just publish. We bolster your content’s value by utilizing social media, email, influencer outreach, and backlink building.

Measurement – Monthly reporting on KPIs such as conversions, sessions, and keyword rankings continually inform our strategy.

The key to successful inbound marketing

publishing content alone isn’t enough…


Are your efforts part of a cohesive strategy that gets stronger over time? All of our efforts support your goals.


Not all content is created equal. Quality content that engages your target audience is critical to a winning strategy.


Get the most from your content production by ensuring all of your content is search engine friendly and strategically targets your most important keywords.

Link Building

Links are the backbone of SEO. Building links to new content dramatically increases effectiveness and longevity.


You’ve created winning content, but is anyone seeing it? Place your content in front of the right eyes through content promotion.


Do you know what efforts have the highest return for your business? We measure success and continually improve upon our strategy.

Will this process work for you?

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