AsiaInspection is a quality control agency helping companies manage their supply chains. They conduct product inspections, factory audits, and lab testing. We worked with AsiaInspection to help bring more awareness to their service and capture more leads through their website. We identified content gaps across their site and worked to fill them by repurposing existing content and adding new content. Throughout the year we saw sessions and leads increase steadily.

Leads: 2017 vs 2016


  • 35% increase in account registrations
  • 55% increase in organic sessions
  • 63% increase in new users


Limited Budget – Due to client’s internal budget constraints SEO work was paused in Q4. This did not affect our work in Q1-Q3 but did limit our overall growth potential.

Delayed Implementation – The approval process for new content can be lengthy in large organizations because it often has to be reviewed by several departments. This lag in publish time can delay results. To expedite this process we work within our client’s brand guidelines and work with their various staff to see our projects through to the end.


We used a combination of the following strategies:

  • New Content – We identified gaps in the content of our website which represented opportunities for us to rank for new keywords our target audience searches for. By creating the right content and promoting it with internal and external links we were able to outrank our competitors for key phrases such as “Quality Control in China”
  • Repurposing Existing Content – In our audit of the AsiaInspection website we found several groups of underutilized content. By reworking this content to meet the needs of our audience and to be search engine friendly we were able to increase performance by over 600%.
  • On-page optimization – For large sites with close competitors maintaining optimized pages can provide an edge over competition. Along with the optimization of all new content, we monitored all pages of the site to maintain the SEO health of the website.


In 2017 we saw considerable growth from a rather modest budget. Repurposing existing content and producing targeted new content proved to be an effective way to improve our keyword rankings and reach new clients.

By understanding what drives value for AsiaInspection we were able to focus on the areas that would bring in new clients for their service. These results are clear in the increase of account registrations throughout the year.


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