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Are you ready to grow your social business by increasing your leads and sales?

If you want to escape the frustration and confusion of trying to “do marketing” all on your own and are finally ready to start attracting a steady stream of clients, you’re in the right place.

What is the Social Business Growth Program?

The Social Business Growth Program is based on marketing strategies that fit your values. After years of testing digital marketing methods, we’ve discovered that the combination of SEO and Content Marketing for the Buyer’s Journey is the winning system.

This revolutionary program builds trust for your audience, focuses on quality and long term results, boosts your online visibility by making you the authority in your industry.

Is this program for me?

Whether you’re just starting to build your online presence or you’re already an established player but you’re struggling to get off the ground and running, the Social Business Growth Program is for you.

Why start with an evaluation?

The Social Business Growth Program creates trust and lasting results for your company. It also works best when it is pursued for a longer period of time, as it builds upon its groundwork.

Before diving directly into the Social Business Growth Program, it is therefore very important that we begin with an evaluation of your company and Product Focus, through the Discovery Report. This in-depth evaluation will establish strong foundations for an optimal and custom application of the Social Business Growth Program.

What is included in the evaluation?

The custom evaluation of your company and Product Focus, that we call the Discovery Report, includes a complete SEO assessment of your website, as well as a clear summary of the following deliverables:

  • Website’s SEO assessment
  • Product Outline and Value Proposition
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Map
  • Content Plan and Strategy
  • Clear Action Plan to boost your SEO-Based Content Marketing Strategy

The Discovery Report gives you the critical and actionable information to boost your online visibility. It also allows us to establish strong foundations for SEO-based Content Marketing.

Once the evaluation is completed, you are officially ready to join the winning Social Business Growth Program!

What about Handmade Marketing?

At Handmade Marketing, we’ve taken all our knowledge, experience and the results of countless tests to create this program for you. We are now a leader in SEO and Content Marketing, and our monthly marketing program provides unparalleled, world class responsible digital marketing for businesses that are hungry for growth but don’t have the expertise or the resources.

By partnering with us you’ll have the marketing team you want at a fraction of the cost.

Want to talk to a
member of our team?

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The 4 Pillars of the Social Business Growth Program

Click into the grid below to get an in-depth look into your program.

Pillar 1 - Planning

Our planning gives you a focused and prioritized roadmap for success with actionable outputs. From the buyer’s journey all the way down to longtail keywords, we tie everything together. Our research methodology clarifies what your target audience is searching and exactly what we need to write to engage them.

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What is your unique solution?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do your customers search for your solution?
  • Who are your top competitors?
  • How much traffic are they garnering?
  • How strong are your competitor’s websites?
  • What type of content do your competitors have?
  • What is the gap between you and the top players in your industry?
  • How are potential customers searching for your solution?
  • How much demand is there for your specific product or service?
  • Which keywords are you ranking for now?
  • What are your most valuable keywords?
  • What content do you already have?
  • Where are there gaps in your content coverage?
  • What is the best performing content of your competitors?
  • What content is your target audience expecting to find on your site?
  • Do you have content for all phases of the buyer’s journey?
  • Can your potential customer explore their problem easily on your site?
  • Is your content organized in an easy-to-access way?
  • Do you have authority-level content coverage for your niche?
  • From awareness to interest to action – what is the journey your customers take?
  • Do you know what questions your target audience is asking?
  • Are you adding value to your customers in every stage of their journey?
  • Do you have the right content to answer questions in all stages of the buyer’s journey?
  • Do you have a clear content schedule?
  • Are you able to execute on your content on time and with confidence?
  • Are you publishing regularly?
  • Are you following an organized and informed strategy?

Pillar 2 - Production

Our production gives you the peace of mind that your new content will be better written than your competitors, more organized, and more effective. You’ll be confident that you have the best content in your industry.

Consistency is a critical factor in achieving results through any marketing channel.

We execute for you weekly with a done for you approach that takes work off your plate while driving results. As a partner, we’ll be working on marketing your product or service daily.

  • What keywords should we be targeting?
  • What should we be writing about?
  • How can we make our content stand above the rest?
  • How do we prioritize topics and keywords?
  • Is your writing easy to read?
  • Are your articles engaging?
  • Are you helping your target audience solve their problems?
  • Does your writing build trust with your readers?
  • Is your writing better than your competitors?
  • Are search engines clear about your topic focus?
  • Is your content appearing properly in search results?
  • Will a searcher understand what they will get when they search for your content?
  • Are you showing consistency to search engines and your readers by publishing regularly?
  • Is your content properly formatted and consistent?
  • Are you spending hours uploading content on your CMS?

Pillar 3 - Promotion

Our promotion takes your content and makes it more valuable. By building new links to your content and leveraging social for further exposure you can multiply the value of every piece of content.

Writing and publishing isn’t enough. To stay competitive you should promote your content.

You put a good deal of effort into planning and executing. Promoting your content properly can help you get the exposure you deserve faster.

  • Where should you focus your promotion efforts?
  • What articles are on the cusp of first page greatness?
  • Where can we edge out our competitors in the search results?
  • Are you actively garnering backlinks to your content?
  • Are you making connections with others in your niche?
  • Do you know where your competitors are getting referrals from?
  • Do you use your content as a foundation for other channels?
  • How do you incorporate your content strategy into your social channels?
  • Are you consistently adding value to your followers?

Pillar 4 - Measurement

Our monthly reporting keeps you up to date with our progress and helps us find new opportunities. You’ll have a strategy call with us every month to review results and next steps. Every month you’ll know how we are performing and where we are heading.

We check your results at least once a week. We review your KPIs with you every month and update our strategy.

  • Are you measuring the right actions on your site?
  • Do you know where your most valuable customers come from?
  • What content is the most valuable to your goals?
  • How are your most important keywords performing?
  • What keywords have the most opportunity to help you garner more customers?
  • How is your keyword coverage expanding as you publish more content?
  • What are your top performing articles?
  • How do articles perform over time?
  • Which articles have the opportunity to improve better with some more attention?
  • What topics are worth expanding on?
  • Do you have any technical issues on your site that are impacting your ability to grow?
  • How do adjustments on your website impact your SEO?
  • What can we do to improve your visibility?
  • What did we learn to date?
  • What is the next big growth opportunity for you?
  • What can we do in the next three months to accelerate growth?
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Social Business Growth Program

Get started today to benefit from a special offer for Social Businesses!


Public price: $700

Special offer

Get a complete SEO assessment of your website + critical information to boost your online visibility.

Establish strong foundations for your custom Social Business Growth Program!


This offer applies to a single product.

We will perform a complete SEO Audit of your website and deliver a Discovery Report containing a clear summary of these following deliverables:

✔  Complete SEO assessment of your website

✔  Product Outline and Value Proposition

✔  Competitor Analysis

✔  Keyword Map

✔  Content Plan and Strategy

✔  Clear Action Plan to boost your SEO-Based Content Marketing Strategy


Public price: $300/year

Special offer

Get a free SEO assessment of your website and gain more visibility today!

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This offer applies to a single product.

We will perform a complete SEO Audit of your website.

✔  Complete SEO assessment of your website

✘  Product Outline and Value Proposition

✘  Competitor Analysis

✘  Keyword Map

✘  Content Plan and Strategy

✘  Clear Action Plan to boost your SEO-Based Content Marketing Strategy

Commonly Asked Questions

Who will be consulting with me to review the results?

You will have your dedicated content strategist consultant. Don’t hesitate to ask him / her any question!


How long does it take to see results?

You probably already know that content and SEO are part of a long-term growth strategy, not an overnight home run. Although it takes longer to gain momentum that some channels like paid ads, unlike paid advertising, content marketing creates an asset for your company. To do content right takes six months, which is why that is the minimum commitment for our program. All of our partners have seen results in the first three months. Results will vary depending on how competitive your niche is and where you currently stand.

What if I have my own writer?

We are happy to work with your own in-house writers, but we will hold them to the same standard as our writers. We require that if your writer is not producing content to our standards that we have the right to hire a new writer that can produce the results we need.

How often do you publish articles?

In the first month of our program we will conduct research and develop your marketing plan. We begin publishing at the beginning of the second month and we publish 6-8 pieces of content each month.

More questions?

Schedule a call with one of our marketing advisors. We are here to support you.

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